We have taken the fight against chalk dust and traditional solutions seriously.

Everybody is entitled to a good and healthy working and learning environment. We are both proud and happy to create change and new ways of working, among people in general where WriteWall is involved.

Our story.

In WriteWall, you can be assured that you are in good hands from the moment when you seek out an alternative whiteboard solution, getting it properly installed to keeping it well-maintained at all times. With 15 years of experience and many customer success stories from leading enterprises in Scandinavia, our experts are here to offer you professional advice for choosing the best solution to create an innovative environment.
Our certified installers have already performed more than 6000+ installations and are ready to bring your WriteWall to life through the highest quality of work. For a complete WriteWall experience, we also offer periodic cleaning service to make sure your WriteWalls stay in the best shape for many years to come.
All of our products are installed ready to use, and they come with 5 years installation warranty!

Founded in 2005 by Lars Frey



WriteWallPaint ApS is founded as a result of many years of research and the development of AquaWrite. This enabled us to start the production of AquaWrite primer and Whiteboard paint

2015 miracle accessories portfolio is on the market.


2000 installations over 2 years with more than 75 of the largest companies, proves our new paint and concept.

Founded in 2005 by Lars Frey

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Our beloved Writewallers.

Since 2015 Write Walls whiteboard alternative solutions have been installed and tested at some of the largest companies and schools in Scandinavia. We used 2 years on proof of concept and installed our products in 75 out of the 100 largest companies in Scandinavia.

The feedback we get is excellent, Scandinavia’s largest, most innovative, and fast-growing companies became WriteWallers.

They see us as their key partners when it comes to thinking big and wide.

Out of your mind and on to the wall.

We are here for you from start to finish. Contact us today for a project assessment and quotation, for your next creative space, and unlock your teams full potential.